Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

We offer reliable investigation and diagnosis services for garage doors in Irving.

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Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers

The garage door opener is essential to the proper operation of your garage door.

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Garage Door Replacement

Garage Door Replacement

The technicians of our company respond fast when you urgently need broken spring replacement and are experts in the replacement of all garage door parts

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Highly-trained personnel in Automatic Garage Door service repair.


We offer solutions and methods to make garage door repair an easier job. The goal is to keep families safe and properties protected.

  • Designing a custom garage door

    Designs can be made by our experts or by you to add a personal touch. Decide on the type of the door that you prefer and consider your needs and the size of the garage. It can be manual or automatic but match the material of the door to make it function perfectly.

  • Adding Windows to a Garage Door

    Buy windows that are safe and secured and choose the right size that will not make your garage overly exposed. It will be better if the window is matches the other windows at home. Use a waterproof caulk before installing the windows. Our experts recommend swapping out the entire top panel and replacing it with windows.

  • Teaching Children about Garage Door Responsibility

    If you have a child (or children) at home with you, it is important that you teach them how to act responsibly around your garage door. If they are too young to understand, keep them away from areas that house individual garage door parts so there are no accidents.

  • Increase safety with alert opener systems

    The alert opener system introduced by Liftmaster is an excellent way to know about the status of your garage door. It warns people about the opening or closing of the door with sounds but it's also useful for those using the new generation controlled by afar openers and the timer to close system. The alert system will give visual and audio signs of the door's status.

  • Get sectional overhead doors

    As long as there's space on the ceiling installing sectional doors is an excellent choice. They won't take any of your valuable space in the garage, you can install windows and can replace each panel individually. Avoiding garage door panel replacement is good for your pocket.

  • Inspect the door carefully

    You must check the entire mechanism, but keep concentrated on the good operation of the springs, openers, cables and tracks without forgetting to check the condition of the sensors. 

  • Remote safety rules

    One of the most common mistakes among drivers is their habit to leave their cars parked out of the garage and the remote exposed on the seat. Thieves love these mistakes because they can easily get access to a car and thus your remote controls. You must never leave them behind when you are washing or servicing your car because thieves move fast according to Garage Door Repair Irving.

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