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Proactive Garage Door Tips

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Proactive Garage Door Tips

If you really want to know everything there is to know about your garage door, you’ll enjoy taking a look at the tips on this page. Remember you can always call our team if you need some help.

Install motion sensor lights

Rather than having to stumble around in the dark for the light switch when you return home late at night, you can simply have motion sensor lights installed inside and outside your garage. As soon as the sensors detect movement, the lights will turn on. This will not only be a great convenience to you, it will also serve as a burglar deterrent, as most thieves would quickly scatter out when light suddenly comes in. They're kind of like roaches that way.

Make sure your door is balanced

This is very important, as it will let you know whether or not your garage door springs are losing their tension or if they're overstraining. To test the balance of the door, you need to manually open it halfway and let it hang there. If the panels quickly keep rising or if they drop down more than a couple of inches, the spring tension needs to be adjusted. This is a dangerous task, so you should let our experts handle it.

Check the auto-reverse feature

This one serves the same purpose as the photo eye sensors, which is to keep you and your property safe. To test this feature, you need to set a block of wood under the open garage door, where the safety sensors can't see it, and then try and close the door using the remote. As soon as the panels touch the piece of wood, they should reverse their descent. If the door seems to keep trying to close, the force or travel limits probably need to be adjusted.

What to consider when thinking about getting a custom made garage door

The designs can be made by our experts or by you to give your door a personal touch. Decide on the type of material you want the panels to be made of and consider your needs in terms of size and weight. Remember that you'll need to have precise measurements of your garage taken to ensure that the door will be a perfect fit.

Teach your children not to play with the garage door

If you have a child (or more than one), it is important that you teach them how to behave responsibly around your garage door. If they are too young to understand, keep them away from areas of the door that could potentially hurt them. Make sure they can't reach the wall switch and operate the opener when you're not watching.

Increase safety with an opener model that gives off visual and audible cues

The alert opener system introduced by Liftmaster is an excellent way to check on the status of your garage door. It warns people about the opening or closing of the system with audible and visual cues, which are excellent safety-enhancing features to have. If you have a silent belt drive opener, you may not always notice when the door is in motion, so a few extra cues can really help you avoid accidents.

Think about getting a sectional overhead door

As long as there's space on the ceiling of your garage, installing a sectional door is an excellent choice. The main benefit that this type of door offers is that if the panels are damaged only the affected areas will need to be replaced and not the whole thing, which can save you money and headaches in the long run.


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