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The Benefits of a Smart Garage Door Opener

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The Benefits of a Smart Garage Door Opener

Smart Garage Door Opener | Garage Door Repair Irving, TX

Technology keeps sweeping through each and every sector of the security industry, and recent advancements have allowed homeowners to use their garage doors more conveniently and efficiently than ever before. Much of this newfound ease of use can be attributed to the invention of smart garage door openers. The reason why these motor units are called "smart" is because they can be controlled via your very own smartphone or tablet device. In other words, there is no need to carry old school remote controls anymore. Your phone can take on that role, and with the right app, it can also help you monitor the condition of your door from practically anywhere in the world where there's Wifi.

How Does it Work?

Some people may find the idea of connecting a garage door opener with a phone quite perplexing. However, the fundamental working mechanism for these smart openers is actually relatively simple. All you need to make this work is a smart device that has the right app that's compatible with your specific model. There are quite a few different apps available on the Google Play Store and other app stores that you can use to make your door a little "smarter". It goes without saying that your door motor unit has to support this type of technology. Many of the industry's leading brands, like LiftMaster, Genie, Craftsman, and others, have models that offer this feature. Most of these apps take no longer than 2 minutes to be installed and have a remarkably user friendly interface.

Is It Only Wifi?

No. There are garage door opener models that use Bluetooth technology to communicate with a smartphone or tablet. Ideally, your opener should have a backup battery system, so that you won't have to worry about not being able to use it during unexpected power outages. If the power goes out you can still use your door manually, of course, but it's always better when you can just open it from the comfort of your car, especially if the weather is rough outside.

Why Use a Smart Garage Door Opener?

There are a number of different obvious advantages to using a modern opener that supports the latest technology trends. For starters, a smart model eliminates the need to carry around a remote. Since your phone is something that you probably always carry with you, you don’t have to be concerned about remembering to take the remote when you leave your house. It's already there in your pocket. You are also less likely to misplace or lose it, the way you could an old-fashioned remote, which can then be used by anyone who finds it. This undoubtedly makes your garage more secure than before. Not to mention, both the app and the phone can be password protected. Therefore, even if you lose your phone, your garage won't be at risk of being taken over by intruders. If you'd like to have a modern opener model installed, give our experts at Garage Door Repair Irving a call.


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