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Often Asked Garage Door Inquiries

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Often Asked Garage Door Inquiries

Make your life easier by learning as much as you can about the structure and operation of your garage door system. Start from this dedicated FAQ section, which contains important information that every homeowner can benefit from. The more you learn the better you'll be able to take care of the mechanism.

Which are the most vital parts of a garage door system?

While the opener is considered as the most important part of a garage door, all other major and minor parts are critical for the system's proper functioning. However, from a maintenance point of view, the opener and its motor, as well as the torsion spring, cables and the photoelectric sensors all need extra attention to avoid serious problems. They all have crucial roles to play, and they all need to be able to work without any issues.

Why is testing the safety sensors important?

Our experts explain that the opener's safety sensors work to detect obstacles in the door's path, to help the opener avoid them. If the sensors detect something while the door is closing, the motor unit will reverse the panel's movement. If the sensors do not work properly, due to misalignment or to electrical issues, the risk of an accident becomes much higher. With proper testing, you'll be able to catch problems early and prevent them from causing major accidents.

How often should I lubricate the garage door parts?

Under normal conditions, the moving metal parts of your garage door mechanism should be lubricated twice each year. Then again, the frequency of lubrication maintenance depends on how often the door is used, the local weather and the visible condition of the components. During times of extreme temperatures, different parts may need to be lubricated more often.

How do I know if the hinges are wearing out?

Our experts say that garage owners should always look at the holes of the hinges that house the stems of the rollers. The holes should be perfectly round and show no signs of black smudges. If this is not the case, and especially if they begin to take on an oval shape, they may be starting to wear out. Let us know if that happens, and we'll repair or replace them.

Does composite lumber consist of natural wood?

Composite lumber is created by mixing different materials. It does contain wood fibers but also plastic and other substances, which are connected together with binding agents. This material maintains the classic look of wood but it is basically a more ecological approach since it only contains some fibers taken from actual trees. In fact, some manufacturers use wood waste for their construction.

What must I take into consideration before buying a new door?

Aesthetics may come to mind first, but they should really be considered last. You must focus on your personal needs and choose materials according to the weather conditions of your local area. That means thinking about R-value levels. You should also take weight into consideration, to make sure your opener won't overstrain to move the new door. Consult with our experts to make sure you're making an informed decision.

Where should I install the switch wall?

It must be in a convenient place for you, but definitely out of reach for small children. An automatic garage door can be incredibly intriguing for kids, but that doesn't mean that they should play with them. There have been many reports in the past of children getting injured because they were playing with this complex mechanism, so don't add another name to that list.


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