Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

We offer reliable investigation and diagnosis services for garage doors in Irving.

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Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers

The garage door opener is essential to the proper operation of your garage door.

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Garage Door Replacement

Garage Door Replacement

The technicians of our company respond fast when you urgently need broken spring replacement and are experts in the replacement of all garage door parts

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Qualified technicians servicing residential roll up garage doors

Make your life easier by learning as much about the structure and operation of garage doors as possible. Start from this dedicated FAQ section which contains important information for all owners and users of such systems. The more you learn the better you will use and maintain the door you have at home.

Garage door repair requires knowledge. Are you doubtful about yours? We answer all your questions, so that you can be prepared.

  • Which are the most vital parts of a garage door?

    While the opener is considered as the most important part of a garage door, all other major and minor parts are critical for its proper functioning. However, from a maintenance point of view, the opener and its motor, the torsion spring, cables and wires, and the photoelectric sensor are a few parts that need to be taken extra care of to avoid serious problems.

  • Why is the testing of the opener safety sensors important?

    Our specialists in Irving explain that the sensors work to detect stationary and moving objects underneath the garage door while it is closing. They immediately send a signal to the opener and it reverses the door's course. If the sensors do not work properly, the risk of an accident becomes much higher. With proper testing, issues are identified timely and resolved quickly.

  • How often should I lubricate parts?

    Under normal conditions, garage door parts must be lubricated twice each year. Then again, the frequency of lubrication maintenance depends on how often the garage door is used, the local weather and the condition of the components. During extreme temperatures, parts might need lubrication more often.

  • How do I know if hinges are worn out?

    Our experts say that garage owners should always look out for the holes in the hinges where the roller stem is located. The holes should be perfectly round and show no signs of wear and tear. If this is not the case, do report it to us immediately and we'll find a suitable replacement.

  • Does composite lumber consist of natural wood?

    Apparently, the name “composite lumber” allows you to understand that this material is the result of the mixing of different materials. They do contain wood fibers but also plastic and they are connected together with binding agents. It maintains the looks of wood garage doors but it is basically a more ecological approach since it only contains some fibers taken from the trees. In fact, most manufacturers use wood waste for their construction.

  • What must I take into consideration before buying a new door?

    Aesthetics come first to mind, but must be considered last. You must focus on your personal needs and choose materials according to the weather conditions of your area and wallet. Consider the importance of good openers and springs for extra safety.

  • Where must I install the switch wall?

    It must be in a convenient place but, definitely, out of the reach of kids. Garage doors seem as an excellent game to their eyes and Garage Door Repair Irving has seen many reports of children getting injured because they were playing with it. 

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